• NIFA encourages creativity through a progressive curriculum dedicated to arts, crafts and handicrafts.
  • It gives the child freedom of expression through various mediums like drawing, painting, craft, clay modelling etc.


  • We shall upgrade our curriculum every year.
  • Adding new art & craft forms and giving exposure to the child.


  • NIFA Teachers evaluate and recognize the skills of students in different art & craft forms.
  • Assessment is done on the general norms and standards of NIFA.


  • If the School permits NIFA would like to exhibit best artefacts/ handicraft/drawing/paintings of the students.
  • Their artefacts /handicraft/drawing/paintings can be put for sale to parents and the proceeds can be used by the School for their NGO Initiative.


  • Students are awarded NIFA Artisan Certificates at the end of academic year, as per the level completed.

PTA Meetings

  • We can have interactive Parent-Child workshop during the PTA meetings.
  • With this the parent will get a sense of involvement in the childÔÇÖs art & craft work.


  • We prepare students for Elementary & Intermediate Examinations
  • We also prepare them to take part in various art & craft competitions.


  • Training will be provided by well trained and educated Artisans.
  • Separate teachers for separate semesters. ( 6 monthly)


  • Will be according to your time-table

Children retain what they learn much better when hands-on activities go along with that learning. Research has shown that people learn:

10% of what they READ
20% of what they HEAR
30% of what they SEE
50% of what they HEAR and READ
70% of what they SAY and,
90% of what they DO!

Arts and crafts offer children endless opportunities to learn by doing. And they are likely to remember what they learn

  • Caters to Pre-School (Nursery), Kinder Garten and Grade 1 to 10.

  • Helps a child to have a firm grip on pencil/pen and as a result improves their handwriting.

  • Helps the child to develop basic skills like.

  • Presentation skills
  • Patience
  • Motivation
  • Concentration
  • Confidence
  • Teamwork


  • Helps the child to understand important Theories of ART & CRFT like.

  • Rendering
  • Colour Wheel
  • Shades
  • Typography
  • Origami Clay
  • Moulding
  • Anatomy study
  • Perspective & Proportion
  • Visual Observation
  • Visualisation & Conceptualization