ÔÇ£Fantastic, fun and educational. The children make such wonderful masterpieces.ÔÇØ ÔÇô Mrs Singh (Parent of Janvi Singh)- Universal High


ÔÇ£These classes have had a wonderful impact on my son and helped him grow confident in many ways. Engaging boys in art is not easy, but with the NIFA Art & Craft program they are encouraged to roam between different activities and settle at the one that absorbs them. Roshan comes home so happy and engaged in art. The long and short of it is, it’s fantastic!ÔÇØ – Mrs Bhat (Parent of Roshan Bhat) ÔÇô Universal High


ÔÇ£My daughter is passionate about art and she truly loves NIFA Art & Craft Activities. She gets to free her creative side in an environment that nurtures and inspires her. This has been the one day of the week that she has actually wanted to go to school because there is art class to look forward to! It’s all about exploration and fun, not about using the prescribed crayon colours… and that’s her happy placeÔÇØ. ÔÇô Mrs Falor ( Parent of Paridhi Falor) ÔÇô Universal High


“NIFA has a fantastic art & craft program that has encouraged our son’s learning through various art mediums. Its child-lead exploration means week after week we’re treated to an explosion of imagination and ideas.” ÔÇô Mrs Shah (Parent of Vyomi Shah)- Universal High


“Very nice workshop has been organised. Advance art & craft activities will be organised and I would love to send my child again!” ÔÇô Mr.Rathi (Parent of Lakshita Rathi) ÔÇô Bodhi International School, Jodhpur


“It was nice & Satisfactory, Keep it up!” ÔÇô Mr & Mrs Nahata (Parent of Navya Nahata) ÔÇô Bodhi International School, Jodhpur


ÔÇ£Every holiday, my child looks forward to spending some time creating masterpieces. She has produced some fantastic work including a Warli painting, Lampshade which is displayed in my living room and a Photoframe that I have in my office at work. It is such a happy, relaxed place and she rushes in, keen to get started on the next exciting project. Thanks NIFA.ÔÇØ ÔÇô Mr & Mrs Gada ÔÇôUniversal High


“It was really nice and helped enhance our sister’s creative side.” – Miss Potalia (Sister of Suman) ÔÇô Bodhi International School, Jodhpur


“My daughter enjoyed this summer camp. She learned lot here. I would like to send her again and would like to suggest my friends for this camp.” ÔÇô Mrs Bhambu ( Parent of Priyal Bhambu) ÔÇô Bodhi International School


“Overall program was very good” ÔÇô Mrs Parmar ( Parent of Aayushi Parmar) ÔÇô Universal High Malad